Sunday, April 29, 2012

2 Pittsburgh Trips

This is from several weeks ago, now.  I'm mainly just posting photos here, not much for stories.
The girls got all dressed up and went for an afternoon at  the theater to see Beauty and the Beast.  The real live one where the beast actually transforms in mid-air into the prince.
Ahem.  I still have not gotten to see the real, live Beauty and the Beast with the mid-air costume change and transformation.  Ahem.  Elbow.

This was Easter Sunday.  In my best hat.
We celebrated over at Gram and Kathy's house.  Gram still wasn't doing very well at this point, and wasn't up to traveling anywhere.  It was a good Easter, but we were all a little worried.

And this was the next weekend, a few weeks ago, at Colin's baseball game.  Shauna got herself some bubbles.
I took a million photos.
And while Shauna played Bubbles, Colin played Baseball.
And I took another million photos.
And even though it got cold and drizzly, I think everyone had a pretty good time.
Especially Colin.

We spent the rest of that cold, rainy day trying to unclog a pipe.
 It was cold and rainy.  Did I say that already?
 Pink dogwood.  I want one.
 We started with the metal stick.
 We moved on to the snake.
 We upgraded to the bigger snake.
And then we called the plumber.  And what we were unable to fully accomplish in 8 hours, they did in 1/2 an hour.  Go A-1 Sewer Cleaning Specialists.  And go Dave for persevering when your wife complained about it being cold and rainy.

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