Saturday, March 3, 2012

Organizing with Stickiness

I have been meaning to brag blog about my kitchen genius  fairly-successful organizing ideas.  (There are only two, really.)
The first is that I hung all the pot lids on removable sticky-back hooks on the wall behind the range.  They're glass lids, so I wasn't wild about stacking them up in a, now when I need a lid, they're right where I need them.  And I think it looks pretty.  
The one on the end kept falling on the floor behind the range when I first hung it up, but it finally stays where it's supposed to 100% of the time.  It luckily didn't break in the multiple falls it took.  But it's a good thing I didn't stack them all up in a cupboard!  Now that would be dangerous!
*One of my first questions returning home is still "So did all the lids stay up while I was gone??"

Second, I used one of the hooks (they're 3M Command hooks) attached to the bottom of the cupboard to hang my fire-starter.
My gas range has a couple of defunct ignitors, so I manually light those with the fire stick.  Therefore, the stick needs to be as accessible as the pot lids but removed from the heat of the range.  Since the lids take up all the "wall" space, the best option became the "ceiling" under the cupboard.

This idea doesn't count, because it's just the same idea in a different place. 
And the only reason they're on the side of the fridge is that, again, I ran out of wall space behind the range.  Still, though, all you have to do is turn 180 degrees from the oven and you've got your potholders!

I glued the hooks down to make it easier to slip the cloth loops on and off (they like to flip up, otherwise, and hold on to the hot pad..."QUICK, get it out of the oven!" "I can't!! The hook won't let go of the potholder!!").
My favorite all-purpose, I-never-want-this-to-come-off glue = E6000.  It sticks to everything, and I have never seen it fail, not once.  If you have, please let me know and under what conditions it failed, as my implicit faith in this glue may someday land me in trouble.  I just hope that, when it does, it will not hurt anyone or embarrass the crap out of me.

Wanna see something daring and amazing?  How 'bout THIS?? our key rack and chalkboard. not amazing.
The fact that it is held up by nothing but 4 sticky Command Strips, however, is the essence of both daring and amazing!  Especially because I'd been told not to try it on gloss paint.  The night we hung it, we lined the floor in couch cushions and waited for the *CRASH*, but it never came.  So now when we move, there will be no holes to fill :)
This is Dave's very own hook.  It's immediately in your line of sight when you walk in the door, and the car keys almost always make it up there.  And if not, then whoever finds them lying where they oughtn't knows right where to stick them.

I have many, many more places to use our drawer full of sticky-backed hooks and strips...mostly, though, those plans are decorational, not organizational.  I'll let you know immediately if anything amazing and/or daring occurs to me (as long as it works), and you do the same for me, 'k?

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