Monday, January 9, 2012

Wedding Photos: Part I

I somehow made it down to sunny LA (ahem, that's Louisianna, not L, period, A, period) with only a fraction of our wedding photos that I had planned to post to the blog.  This was plan B, actually; plan A was to make a CD of photos for all my loved ones that I thought each would like and give them as stocking stuffers, but you know what they say about good intentions.  Especially at Christmas.

So anyway, plan A never happened and plan B was probably not feasible anyway since there are a MILLION PHOTOS and who *besides me* is willing to sift through that many photos in one sitting? mom, probably.  And Dave's mom.  And probably my sisters and Jo-Ann, if they didn't have kids pulling on their attention. So a lot, actually.  Probably.

Enter plan C.  I'm just gonna post what I've got and let you start the sifting one batch at a time.  So that makes this post...

Part I (First set by "Uncle" Paul Kronst) -
(yes, that means this post goes through the entire wedding TWICE)
Ok, here we go...

(Below is my friend Kirk...he took some of these photos)

Set II, by Kirk Thomas

I love this little series:

Gimme a big hug!

Oh, you don't wanna gimme a hug?
"No, it's not that it's just..."

"See, there's this thing...going on...over there..."
Oh, yeah, uh huh.  Sure.

"So I gotta..."
Yeah, sure, it's okay.
"..gotta get going..."

"Gram and Uncle Dave!!!  SWING ME!"
Hehe.  Cute kid.  

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