Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dave is 32!

And we took a couple of field trips to celebrate.

This is the night of Dave's actual birthday.  He took the day off, and I (attempted to) surprised him with dinner and a a drive-in!
We saw a double feature: X-Men and Pirates: On Stranger Tides

Yeah, we lay out under the stars, watchin a couple movies on the Big Screen.  One of the lovely things about Ohio is that it reeeally cools off at night (whereas in Dallas, even at midnight we might've been sweating).  The only downside?  This drive-in was an hour away.  We were up till, well, very late.

Yesterday, I picked Dave up from work and we caught the Jet Express Ferry to Kelley's Island.

See the hair?  Expressssss
We rented a golf cart:
Dave liked the horn best.
  And we visited the...

(This is a "glacial groove")
Apparently, this is the most famous glacial groove in the world.  On Kelley's Island, Lake Erie.  I would never have guessed, would you?

So then I was hungry and crabby, so Dave stopped at a nice restaurant and fed me.  So I kissed him.
Happy Birthday, Dave!!


  1. I love ferries! Looks like a fun couple of days!

  2. Dana Schmitt6/18/11, 8:34 AM

    very sweet:) is dave growing his hair for the wedding ;)


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