Thursday, May 26, 2011

Broken Aircraft...

Make for excellent wedding planning.

I work a 14/14 schedule.  That means I'm living in company housing for 14 days (my "on" hitch) while I work sunrise to sunset, and then I go home to Dallas for 14 days.  So this "on" hitch, I reported to the Lake Charles base on Friday morning and flew all that day.  The next morning I flew to Intracoastal City base and gave my aircraft to another pilot, and he gave me his which is down due to a problem with the tailcone.

So I'm sitting on a broken aircraft and have been for the last 5 days (today makes 6).
This is my world.
It's a trailer.
Notice the lack of sunlight. Depressing?  No! It encourages "focus."
See the couch in the corner?  That's been my "office."

 I get to drive the company van.

I get to report in to work at 6:30 instead of 5:15.

And I get to hang out on the internet.

All day.

Allll week.

Or watch TV.

CNN - I feel so informed.

I'm basically working on the wedding.  I've scheduled tastings, researched the "bride's cake" and other vendors, scheduled a meeting with the photographer, and got this site up among other projects.
And donated to the Red Cross.
Today I'm planning to get more done...I dunno...I'm finding it kinda hard to focus.
I know...I'll make a checklist.  A good checklist.  That'll focus me.

Or maybe I'll google a good checklist.  Yeah.  Much better.

Or maybe I'll play Purble Place.  Have you tried this game?  Super addictive.  But I have to kinda hide the screen...kinda embarrassing if you're caught playing this:

Back to "focusing."


  1. Sounds boring, but I bet the planning time has been much needed!

  2. Hey, How come Dave's family is on there, but not any of us? :-)
    Glad you got some time to work. Look forward to getting to see you soon. Love,MOM

  3. Oh, and I love the pictures of your down time.


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